Dragon Boat Festival Rice Dumplings 端午节

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival wrapped in tradition with Shang Social’s trio of handcrafted rice dumpling creations. Meticulously prepared with quality ingredients and recipes to satisfy even the most discerning palate, you can look forward to classic flavours that never go out of style.

Selections include:

  • Shang Social Signature Salted Pork Rice Dumpling with Yunnan Ham & Conpoy
    香聚金华火腿瑶柱咸肉粽 – $19.80 NETT (350g)
  • Traditional Nyonya Rice Dumpling
    风味娘惹粽 – $16.80 NETT (350g)
  • Shang Palace Signature Barbecued Pork Rice Dumpling with Yunnan Ham & Conpoy
    香宫裹蒸粽 – $28.80 NETT (750g)
  • Shang Social Dumplings Combination Gift Bag
    香聚三星高招组合礼包 – $ 56.8 NETT (U.P. $65.4)

Available for takeaway till 3 June.
Enjoy 15% off when you order as a Shangri-La Circle Member.